Chocolate Oreo Blizzard (5 Min Dessert)




Looking for some classic treat this summer? Here is one to enjoy in this scorching heat. Blizzards are simply thick soft serve ice cream blended with your choice of a topping. You can have many varieties as per your choice. Although I love chocolates and not a great fan of Oreo, this yummy dessert left me craving for more. It just takes a few ingredients and less than 5 mins to make this delicious Blizzard at home.

Our theme for this week for 34th #Foodiemonday #Bloghop was #NocookNobake. So Blizzard was a perfect choice for this theme.

You just need 5 mins to whip up this yummy dessert and a few ingredients.

Recipe for Chocolate Oreo Blizzard:


2 Ripe Bananas (Refrigerate for an hour before making the blizzard)

12 Oreos (Chocolate or Vanilla)(I have used Chocolate filled oreos)

2 Scoops of Cardamom Kulfi(Kulfi used here is homemade. You can use any ice cream of your choice)

10 Cashews (Soaked in water for 2 hours)

8 Almonds Peeled  (Soaked in water for 2 hours)

Note: Cashews and peeled almonds can be used without soaking too.


Place cookies in a food processor or blender and pulse to get a coarse consistency .Remove some chunks and keep it aside. To the balance Oreo mixture add bananas, soaked cashews, almonds and Kulfi  and blend until thoroughly mixed. Scoop into a large glass or bowl , garnish with the Oreo chunks and serve immediately.


Enjoy this classic dessert!!!!!


PS: Not for calorie conscious people.




21 thoughts on “Chocolate Oreo Blizzard (5 Min Dessert)

  1. Ei Gi Chakhum

    Loved it Preethi! Super fast dessert idea! Being calorie conscious actually kills the idea of enjoying food. Added to my bucket list of must-make recipes. ❤ ❤


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